Great North Road by Peter F. Hamilton · Book review

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⚠️ This review contains spoilers!

Loved how the Angela's backstory (one of the main characters) was revealed throughout the book. The potential alien lurking throughout the book was pretty gripping too. The book was longer than it needed to be though.

I didn't find Angela's romances to be that convincing either. She's put on such a pedestal (in terms of appearance) and then gets with some ordinary dudes. She uses Paresh, but then ends up caring for him, but I feel like a hardened badass like Angela would end up ditching him?

Also Ian's creepy stalking near the end of the book was sort of acknowledged, but then all swept under the rug as soon as he got with the girl. His coworkers didn't even care that he was abusing police powers to watch her on cameras. Felt useless as a side plot if there wasn't going to be any consequences for it.


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