The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood · Book review

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So I knew this book was originally a Kylo Ren / Rey fanfic before I started reading it. Which made things unintentionally funny because you can't help but imagine Kylo Ren doing all this weird romance novel shit (pushing a car shirtless across a carpark? Ok). And when he repeatedly gets described as being "broad" and "massive" (kind of cringey tbh) all I could think of was that Ben swolo meme which made me laugh too.

The author made 0 effort to change the physical appearances of the characters - she literally named the guy Adam. Because she's just straight up describing Adam Driver in the book it's almost creepy. I feel like there's a difference between gushing over the physical appearance of a fictional person versus a real-life person?

Gotta give it a 4/5 though because the Reylo stan in me just wants a happy Reylo ending for once.


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