Mt Shinshin (思親山)

25 May 2024
Mt Shinshin (思親山)

Mt Shinshin (思親山, shinshin-zan) was another of the mountains I set out to climb as part of the 36 views of Mt Fuji series. The mountain is quite far from Tokyo, and I wasn't too keen on the idea of getting stuck in the freeway traffic on the way home, so I decided to stay the night at a nearby hotel and also climb Mt Chojagatake the next day. Both of these mountains are also a part of the 100 Famous Mountains of Yamanashi.

ide station
The Ide station carpark

I started at Ide train station (井出駅), which came with a free carpark. It was my first time seeing free parking at a train station! It's deep in the countryside so I don't think if there was paid parking they would probably make any money out of it. It was nearly empty when I visited on a Friday morning.

trail start
The trail starts with a long stretch of road

Although the course is long at 15km and 1000m of elevation gain, it's also 1/3 road. I knew going into it that this mountain was probably going to be boring, so I was taking it more as a training day than anything else.

This trail was also a part of the Tokai Nature Trail, which I had walked along the week before when I climbed Mt Tonnnomune.

nature trail
Signpost marking the nature trail
mountain trail
Once you get off the road, the trail looks like this

However thanks to the long road I did find it to be easier to walk than I expected! I made it to the summit in about 160 minutes.

peak marker
Mt Shinshin's peak marker
As I approached the summit, I noticed a couple of people sunbathing, and from their accents I think at least one of them was a fellow Australian. They looked to be super tired and with the big backpacks had probably done some sort of overnight hike. I was a little bit curious to know where they had hiked from since it didn't really seem like this mountain was that popular, but my anti-social tendencies got the better of me (ha) and I didn't.
fuji summit
The view of Mt Fuji from the summit

After a quick rest, it was back down the way I came. The view from the peak of Mt Fuji is a bit obscured by trees, so you get a better view partway down, where conveniently a big chunk of trees had been cleared.

great fuji view
Another hike, another great view of Mt Fuji
trail down
The trail back down
back on the road
Back on the road. The weather was great.
Back to the Ide station carpark

Once I made it back to the carpark, it was a quick 10min drive to the nearby Nanbu no Yu onsen (なんぶの湯). I really enjoyed the vibes of this onsen. There were little hammocks and couches, and lots of books and manga if you wanted to relax for a bit before heading back out.

nanbu no yu
Today's onsen, Nanbu no Yu
From here I drove towards Fujinomiya where I spent the night at a hotel. I did a tiny bit of sightseeing, but there wasn't too much to do other than eat and sleep (which is all I needed, really).
heritage centre
The torii gate outside of the Mt Fuji World Heritage Centre

I visited on a weekday so that might be part of it, but the overall impression I got was that the town felt too big. Like it was larger than it needed to be to accomodate the tourists, but at the same time there really weren't any. So it somehow felt awkward, especially being the only person in a restaurant or cafe.

One funny moment was a group of small kids on a school bus kept yelling out “hello! hello!” to me, I think in their excitement to see a foreigner. I made sure to give a big wave back!

Hiking course details

Date climbedLengthCourse time
2024-04-1915.1km6h 55min (the expected time for an average hiker without breaks)

This is out-and-back course starting and ending at the Ide station carpark. Although it's long, it's not too strenuous thanks to the course being 1/3 road.

There is a toilet available at the carpark.

Car access details

Car parkTime (from Tokyo)Round trip cost
井出駅2h30min~10300 yen

There is a small carpark directly next to Ide train station. I went on a weekday and it was very empty when I arrived a little after 9am.

Public transport access

This course starts and ends at Ide train station so it is hypothetically accessible via public transport. However it is a nearly 4 hour train ride from Tokyo station, and considering you are walking on mostly roads, it is not really a mountain I would recommend as a daytrip, unless you are specifically setting out to conquer the 100 Famous Mountains of Yamanashi.

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