Numazu Alps (沼津アルプス)

16 February 2024
Numazu Alps (沼津アルプス)

Today I hiked the Numazu Alps, which lies alongside the city of Numazu in Shizuoka. The name "alps" makes it sound like it's a really high mountain range but it actually has a max elevation of only 391m. Even with its low elevation, since there's a lot of ups-and-downs on this trail, you end up with about 1000m in elevation gain over 10km.

pagoda fuji
There's a pagoda at the start of the trail, with a (slightly cloudy) view of Mt Fuji.

From the Numazu Alps carpark, its a short walk to the first of seven peaks on the course, Mt Kanakuni (香貫山, Kanakuni-yama).

mt kanakuni
Mt Kanakuni, there wasn't much to see.
Stairs down from Mt Kanakuni

The beginning was the easiest part of the trail, and I passed by a couple of elderly hikers and locals out on a walk. The alps are intersected by a road so after descending you'll walk along the road for a bit before beginning your climb back up.

A short interlude...

Once you reach the second trailhead, this is where the "real" hike begins.

beware of boars
Beware of boars!

The climbs and descents were all quite steep on this trail, but luckily there were a lot of ropes, which I heavily relied on today because some parts were a bit muddy. I think without the ropes this would be a very annoying hike.

tree roots
It's always steeper than it looks in photos.

After a short but steep climb, we're onto our second peak, Mt Yoko (横山 Yoko-yama).

mt yoko
Mt Yoko (横山)

There's a decent stretch on this trail where you get to be out in the sunshine, which felt very warm and relaxing for a February hike.

Makes me wish I brought a hat.

Then we're onto our third peak, Mt Tokura (徳倉山, Tokura-yama), which comes with our first clear view of Mt Fuji.

mt tokura
Mt Tokura (徳倉山)

Mt Kanakuni (the first peak) and Mt Tokura were the two peaks I was most interested in climbing today, as they are both part of the 36 Views of Mt Fuji series.

mt fuji
A closer view of Mt Fuji

The mountains you can see in front of Fuji are Mt Ashitaka and Mt Echizen-dake.

more ropes
A steep descent (with rope!)
water view
A view of Suruga Bay

The temperature was actually very warm today, with a top of around 15C, and with the ocean views it almost felt like I was at the beach. I usually run a little hot, so today I was hiking in a short-sleeve shirt, which one old hiker I passed by was super surprised by.

You continue to get a great view of Suruga Bay from the fourth peak, Mt Shige (志下山, Shige-yama).

mt shige
Mt Shige
panorama dai
Okusuruga panorama-dai (奥駿河パノラマ台)

From here you're back amongst the trees. I felt like this course was fairly varied in terms of its scenery, unlike some mountains where it's all just the same forest.


Then we hit our fifth peak, Mt Kowashizu (小鷲頭山, Kowashizu-san).

mt kowashizu
Mt Kowashizu, handily the sign comes with katakana.
bay views
Close ups of the bay. I think the snow-covered mountains might be the Minami Alps?

The six peak and second-last peak is Mt Washizu (鷲頭山, Washizu-san) which is also the highest peak at 392m.

mt washizu
Mt Washizu
final climb
The climb is nearly over...

And finally we reach our seventh and final peak at Mt Obira (大平山, Obira-yama).

mt oobira
Mt Obira

From here it's a very steep descent down to the bus stop, where I got on a bus back to the carpark I started at. The bus only comes once an hour so I was really rushing here, and ended up making it with five minutes to spare.

The final part of the descent was less steep, so no more rope.
road back
Back to civilization, although Mt Fuji has decided to hide himself.

It's a 15 minute walk after you get off the bus to get back to the carpark, and it's all uphill. I was pretty tired by this point.

Pagoda near the car park.
plum blossom
I didn't realise there was some plum blossoms right by the pagoda!

Finally before heading home, as always I took a detour to a nearby onsen. I opted for one that was about a 20 minute drive away (it had the best reviews) and conveniently located right before getting onto the freeway. I will say it was probably not the nicest onsen I have been to, but it'll do in a pinch.

suruga no yu
駿河の湯 (Suruga-no-yu) onsen

Hiking course details

Date climbedLengthCourse time
2024-02-169.6km6h (the expected time for an average hiker without breaks)

The official course is 14km and runs from Numazu station to Atsugi station, but since I went by car, I took a modified 9km one that starts at Numazu Alps carpark and goes to the 山口道 (Yamaguchi-michi) bus stop. From there, I got on a bus to 黒瀬 (Kurose) and then walked back to the carpark.

There is a toilet available near the carpark, and there is a FamilyMart at the bus stop.

Public transport access with example schedule

08:04沼津 ぬまづ

If you take this course via public transport, the expected course time is 8 hours.

Since it only needs a train, there are a lot of options to get there (including express trains that will cost an extra 2000 yen but get you there an hour quicker).

The bus I got on at Yamaguchi-michi actually goes all the way back to Numazu station, and presumably you can get on the bus in the other direction as well. So a potential modification might be to get the bus from Numazu station to near the carpark (Kurose bus stop), or to get the bus back to Numazu station from Yamaguchi-michi.

16:09厚木 (ばらき)Train2620
Trip total:4930

Car access details

Car parkTime
沼津アルプス 駐車場 (ぬまずアルプス ちゅうしゃじょう)2h10min7679

The car park can only fit 8 cars, and although it was quite empty on a weekday it might be best to come early on a weekend, or taking public transport instead.

The bus takes about 15 minutes from Yamaguchi-michi to Kurose. And then from there its another 15 min walk back to the car park. The main problem is timing the bus, since it only comes once an hour.

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